Sport Climbing (2 Days)

Sport Climbing (2 Days)


It's incredible to climb on sport. In a welcoming social setting, you can really concentrate on the pleasure of climbing and challenge yourself. Becoming a sport climber is the ideal move for the indoor climber who wants to go outdoors and have an adventure, or if you're someone who really loves climbing movement and a challenge. We strive to experience outdoor climbing in a number of venues, as well as equipping you with the instruments and methods for future sport climbing on your own. To get the most out of this course, we recommend that you are already a competent indoor lead climber at 6a or above.

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2 DAYS | RATIO 1:2 | £285.00



The primary focus of this two-day course is to introduce attendees from indoors to sport climbing while still gaining lots of time climbing on the rock. With all the climbing action taking place at local sport climbing locations, most of the course will be based outside..


You should have significant experience and competency lead climbing indoors to get the most out of this course and climb at a standard of 6a or above.


Usually you'll be with one instructor/coach in a team of two. Meeting your instructor/coach on the first morning gives you the chance to discuss yours and the other participants ' experiences and aspirations, so that the instructor/coach can schedule the program around the primary subjects to meet your needs. These are:

  • Individualized coaching to create and enhance movement efficiency for rock climbing.

  • Belaying in a bottom rope & lead scenario with a broad range of ropes & devices – including catching the climber in the event of a lead fall and lowering a climber smoothly.

  • Lead climbing, clipping bolts and securely lowering (if necessary for the ability of the learners).

  • Using a clip stick to place/remove quickdraws, bolt to bolting with a clip stick, & escaping safely from a sport route.


We only supply instruction for the course, it does not include transport or personal equipment. Your instructor will want to check that personal equipment is appropriate for the activity. Listed below are the essentials;

  • Waterproof jackets and trousers

  • Insulated synthetic jacket

  • Appropriate footwear for the attended course

  • Helmet

  • 40lt Rucksack

  • Climbing Harnesses & Rock shoes

  • All technical hardware & equipment

  • Personal Clothing

  • Warm Outdoor Wear

  • Insulating Layers

  • Trekking / Climbing Trousers (not cotton)

  • Hat & Gloves

  • Hydration system (water bottle)

  • Packed Lunch

  • Personal first aid kit

  • Personal toiletries / medication

  • Suncream & sun hat