Rock Climbing (2 Days)

Rock Climbing (2 Days)


Climbing is amazing. It enables you get fit, meet interesting individuals, and bring you to new places to visit in the UK and around the world. This five-day Rock Climbing Course is ideal for anyone interested in climbing or wanting to experience what's on offer outside the climbing wall. You will have the opportunity to try out various kinds of climbing and moving on different types of rock.

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2 DAYS | RATIO 1:2 | £285.00



While climbing a range of single pitch rock climbs, we will assist you create a strong basis in key rock climbing methods, so you will be a skilled and self-reliant second.


This is ideal for beginners and those who have little experience climbing outside but are active indoor wall climbers. You don't have to have any prior rock climbing experience although it would be advantageous to be fit and active.


On he first morning, meeting your instructor offers a chance to discuss the experience and ambitions of you and the other participant, allowing the instructor to schedule the program around the primary objectives to be addressed. These are:

  • Develop the fundamental movement abilities of the participant on a range of rock types.

  • Gain experience indoor climbing, traditional rock climbing and bouldering

  • How to interpret and choose a climb using a paper-based and digital guidebook.

  • Become a competent second

  • protecting the lead climber or a second using appropriate belay methods

  • protect yourself appropriately on personal abseils