Foundation & Development Climbing Coaching (2 Days)

Foundation & Development Climbing Coaching (2 Days)


Ready to go to the next level with your climbing? This course is intended for skilled climbers who want to enhance their climbing. We're going to look at how you can improve your likelihood of success in your rock climbing. This course is designed to give you the understanding you need to grow your climbing for years to come and help you to understand how to self-coach. This course's content will focus on enhancing your tactical strategies, psychological mindset, technique efficiency, and develop an understanding of physical conditioning for climbing. We will aim to discover benefits that will enable you to access your next achievement. Please be aware that to do this course, learners must be skilled in the use of climbing ropework unless bouldering coaching is the main aim.

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2 DAYS | RATIO 1:2 | £285.00



Improving your tactical strategies, psychological mindset, technique efficiency and understanding climbing conditioning will be the main contents of this course - helping you to work towards your next achievement.


If you want to advance your climbing, this is the ideal two-day course if you don't really know what areas of your climbing you need to enhance in order to improve. The aim is to improve your grade of climbing and understanding of how to self-coach. Video feedback, coach feedback and peer review are some of the methods we use to assist you to move your climbing forward.


Course content;

  • climbing technique and key coaching queues

  • climbing tactics to stack the odds in your favour

  • sports imagery and visualisation

  • Understanding climbing ‘flow’

  • conditioning for climbers

  • Personal performer profiling and action planning