Conditioning for Climbers (2 Days)

Conditioning for Climbers (2 Days)


Hit the climbing season with a good base of climbing specific fitness.

So you want to be climbing fitter and stronger. But perhaps you're overwhelmed with training equipment, exercises or just don't know where to get started. Help us build a clear knowledge of how to train and what to do. This is appropriate for all ages and levels of experience, but motivation to become stronger and to train more intelligently is essential.

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2 DAYS | RATIO 1:2 | £285.00



The goal of this course is to help you get a clear understanding of how, what and when to train for your desired level of climbing discipline, whether it's bouldering or competition climbing.


You need to be an active indoor or outdoor climber to get the most out of the course.


This is a two-day course where we aim to provide you with both theoretical and practical information that you can apply for climbing but it is going to be transferable to any sport.

We're going to spend a little time developing understanding about training and then putting it into practice. We aim to give you a clear picture of what exercises are appropriate and at what volume of intensity. And how to generate a training plan for whatever discipline you're interested in developing. These classes are both wall and gym based with several classroom based workshops.


Areas we will look to cover-

  • improve your knowledge regarding conditioning for climbers

  • understand the importance of warming up, cooling down and injury prevention.

  • Energy systems and training for your preferred style of climbing.

  • Sports specific exercises and general conditioning

  • Develop your own training programme

  • Personal Performance Profiling