Climbing Refresher (1 Day)

Climbing Refresher (1 Day)


A day of climbing where we minimize any poor practices and set you on the path to progress with safe and current climbing methods. An ideal course for those who have not had any previous qualified instruction in the past and have only learnt from other climbers, or for those who want to make sure that they are still doing things correctly. we will visit several key areas of climbing, with the instructor adapting the day to your requirements - this can be done effectively with the small ratio of the course.

We're going to look at all elements of your climbing to see that everything is secure and as efficient as it might be. Our ‘problem avoidance & problem solving’ course is an ideal follow on to further develop your skills.

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1 DAY | RATIO 1:2 | £150.00



We aim to ensure that you leave the course with good and robust climbing practice while eliminating any bad habits you may have picked up from previous experiences rock climbing.


You must have experience trad climbing on a regular basis.


You will meet your instructor at the start of the course, this offers a chance to discuss your experience and goals as well as the and the other participants so that the instructor can schedule the program around the primary goals outlined, such as;

  • Climbing Technique

  • Rope management

  • Building anchors

  • Placing passive and active protection

  • Protecting yourself on a personal abseil

  • Interpreting the guidebook