Adventure Photography (2 Days)

Adventure Photography (2 Days)


For anyone interested in enhancing their outdoor photography, this course is for you, whether it's just getting more exciting shots of your walking and climbing or enhancing the pictures you take when working with a customer. We live in an era of social media and visual imagery is now more essential than ever, and anyone can learn the abilities to take engaging and exciting imagery.

Anyone with a camera will find this course invaluable to really assist them get the most out of their equipment and see all around them photographic possibilities when outdoors.

We're going to look at working with climbers and walkers to attempt to capture ' the moment, ' communicate a tale to your crowd, look at composition and landscape pictures, and work with the environment to make it work for you rather than against you.

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2 DAYS | RATIO 1:4 | £325.00



Some experience taking outdoor photographs and moving comfortably on irregular and rough terrain.


You will need a Digital SLR camera or a compact quality camera that can adjust settings such as aperture and shutter speed manually. Any lenses that you have at your disposal are useful, but not necessary as your camera's kit lens is okay. A tripod is useful as well.

We'll be outdoors for 2 days so, to ensure you are comfortable, complete outdoor clothing and footwear are needed.

Please take a laptop and download Adobe's free version of Lightroom and bring a card reader to transfer your pictures from your photography to your laptop as well.

Also, please take a camera bag / case to keep your camera dry and safe while we're out.


Day 1

We're going to be outdoors all day, we're going to look at compositional concepts, create a narrative, the art of subtraction, and negative space. Where we're going will rely on the weather but we will come back at 5pm, download and review the day pictures and talk about Lightroom methods to edit your pictures.

Day 2

We're going to look at working on a brief and constructing your client's visual tale. We will talk further on composition, how less is more, the power of 3 and adding depth to your pictures. Then we will return, download pictures from the day and discuss Lightroom methods further.


Hat & gloves, plus spares

Waterproof jacket and trousers

walking boots


Camera Back Pack

Suncream and Hat (you never know)

Insulating layers – at least one mid weight and one warm fleece layer

General trekking trousers are recommended, not jeans

Rucksack Liner / dry bags

Box or bag with packed lunch

Blister kit/small first aid kit

Personal toiletries & medications

Camera body and a range of lenses from FF equivalent of ultra wide to approx. 200mm